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We are embassadors to 501(c) (3 ) nonprofit Children's Day USA Long Beach and Fx3 Nonprofit helping homeless and kids school projects. To help our mission and donate to any of our nonprofits list group. All proceed go to Children's Day.USA and they help our many groups if nonprofit that help kids and homeless. Email us non exempt request form or make donations on line. For more details email us go to donations We have our circle of nonprofit that go out and help ground zero on the streets. From kids cloths hair cuts, food shelter and $17 a month daily hygiene for homeless and more.

Happy Holidays.
Do something kind and wonderful show the world we can do better.

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"Our long term goal is to raise 5 million to a buy hotel and beach front property to provide Nonprofit retail store and art gallery with Global Sources. Make overs, work, temporary housing for homeless and raise more funding with the hotel services. We have two properties location ready for sale or lease options."

Donate to Global Solutions